Thanks to the most amazing Cathy “Arm Bar” Van Ingen, we now have a Trans Inclusion policy!
“The goal of the trans inclusion policy is to try to address the difficulties many trans people encounter when trying to access a boxing gym by creating as safe a space as possible for trans people to explore the sport of boxing.”
We will now offer three different types of gym time designed to ensure equitable participation in gym activities. Please see the policy for explanation of terms and definitions. This schedule is effective immediately.

Also! We have created a second change room and figured out a way for everyone to access the one washroom which can also be used as a changeroom.
A huge thank you to Cathy Van Ingen for all the time you put into the many drafts of the policy. A special thank-you to all who contributed to the process including Barb Besharat and Kenji Tokawa from the 519 TransActions program. Let’s change her/his/theirstory one step at a time!